Three Primary Initiatives: Inspiration, Instruction and Interaction

Initiative 1—Inspiration “You can be a better Dad!”

One of the main goals of the Arkansas Better Dads Program is to inspire and motivate fathers across the state to be more active and involved in their children’s lives. The program hopes to normalize fatherhood involvement in Arkansas culture. Utilizing recognizable leaders and fatherhood advocates, a statewide campaign will “heat the value” of fathers being involved in children’s lives. Traditional and non-custodial dads will be encouraged to be involved in their children’s lives. The program acknowledges every dad can be “better.” Even good dads can become great dads. One important facet of the campaign is providing the opportunity for children without a father to be mentored by other men in their community.

Initiative 2—Instruction

The primary initiative of Arkansas Better Dads is to provide training and information for dads in Arkansas. Low-income and at-risk populations of dads need easy access to fatherhood training. Non-custodial dads and others with difficult parenting scenarios need tailored, accessible resources. Arkansas Better Dads does this creatively through the following methodologies: (a) Fatherhood training through small group Fatherhood Instruction and (b) the Arkansas Better Dads Website “Dad Talks.”

Initiative 3—Interaction

Studies show fathers who participate in activities with their children develop stronger bonds and claim overall happiness and health. Low-income families struggle to enjoy these activities because of work schedules and the inaccessibility of affordable family fun. Arkansas Better Dads collaborates with others to create opportunities for affordable events for low income families in two areas: families serving together and affordable family fun events.