Arkansas Better Dads: Helping men around the state be better dads.



Arkansas Better Dads helps men become better dads by inspiring them, providing instruction and creating opportunities for interaction with their families. These three initiatives are the main focus of the program: Inspiration, Instruction and Interaction.

Children in Arkansas deserve committed and equipped fathers. These initiatives will help every dad in Arkansas become better.




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A program of First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, AR, Arkansas Better Dads (ABD) strategically partners with churches and organizations. We do this through funding provided by a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) grant. ABD also works with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS) and the Governor of the State of Arkansas. Arkansas Better Dads exist to inspire dads, provide instruction and create opportunities for interaction with their families. Together with these partners, we collaborate to achieve the goal of serving fathers across the state. Our approach is comprehensive and works to serve fathers who are in difficult situations as well as raise public awareness of the critical role fathers play.

Arkansas Better Dad’s Mission

The mission of Arkansas Better Dads is to help men around the state be better dads. There are thousands of dads who want to be better dads—and would be better dads if they had better access to resources and materials to help them. While we cannot ignore the problem of absentee fathers, the solution is not in men being guilted into changing the way they parent their children. Shame is rarely a positive motivator for change. Instead, men need to be inspired and challenged to become better dads. No one expects dads in Arkansas to be perfect. No one expects dads in Arkansas to never make mistakes. We can expect, and help, dads to become better dads.


A key indicator of an individual’s physical, emotional and financial health is the presence of a positive, active father figure during childhood and adolescence. Despite this reality, absentee fathers plague American society having reached an all-time high. The National Fatherhood Initiative Father Facts 7th Edition research indicates the absence of father figures is a key predictor of adverse behavior and well-being. Children without an active father figure are more likely to engage in criminal activity, carry a gun, deal drugs, struggle with educational success and have adverse health outcomes. They are more likely to live in poverty, be sexually active and have a higher risk of suicide. Fatherhood absence is an intergenerational problem and results in negative economic repercussions in successive generations. No organization can address the challenges of fatherhood in Arkansas alone. Arkansas Better Dads is poised to become the hub of community organization and partnership throughout the state. By leveraging existing relationships and exploring innovative new ones, we are prepared to help men across Arkansas become the fathers they have the potential to be—and the fathers their kids and communities need them to be.

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